Nordic Skiing

Activity: AR $ 2,900
Transportation: AR $ 550
Total per person: AR $ 3,450

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It’s the perfect combination between sport and nature, an option to get into ski and enjoy with the family. The Nordic Ski allows the skier to travel through all types of terrain: flat, slopes and descents. This can be done thanks to the shape of the boards, which at its base has a type of scale that allows you to slide even uphill, without the ski slipping backwards. In this way, the skier will be able to enter tracks drawn by the forest, enjoying all the nature and the surrounding landscape.

To consider

  • It’s important to wear snow clothes (gloves, hat, waterproof shoes, goggles)
  • Transfer included in downtown radio, up to Km11 on Pioneros and Bustillo. Ask us if you are out of that range.

The school

A Nordic ski rental and instructors trained to teach this activity. From 5 years of age the classes are group, with an approximate duration of an hour and a half, they are very participatory ideal for family or friends. The instructor, after teaching you the first steps, will accompany you along the tracks on a tour through the forest to viewpoints with excellent views


National and international events

Different national and international competitions of Nordic Ski and Biathlon are held in our resort every year, this last Olympic modality is the combination of Nordic skiing and target shooting. The teams from Spain, Chile, Brazil and Argentina arrive every year to the Centro. The Argentine team trains throughout the winter in our tracks.

Photos of the 2019 Season