ATV with snow tracks

Activity per vehicle: AR $ 2.900
Transportation: AR $ 550

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It’s a unique activity in Latin America. The quadricycles we use are 4×4 “Can-Am BRP” with 2 seats, equipped with Apache snow tracks. The units are 2019 of last generation. The activity consists of a guided ride through the forest, about 40 min. approximately, stopping at viewpoints where you can see wonderful landscapes.

It should be noted that the objective of this beautiful activity is to appreciate nature and beautiful views using a unique vehicle, being an activity to enjoy with your family on a fun ride.

To consider

Only can drive people over 18 years, and only children over 6 years can go as passenger.

It’s important to wear snow clothes (gloves, hat, waterproof shoes, goggles)

Transfer included in downtown radio, up to Km11 on Pioneros and Bustillo. Ask us if you are out of that range.

The vehicles are for two people. In case of hiring for one person, you must pay  for the entire vehicle.

Can I choose the path and go at the speed I want?
No, it is a guided activity.

Photos of the 2019 Season