Activity: AR $ 1,300
Transportation: AR $ 550
Total per person: AR $ 1,850

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Snowshoes are used to walk on the surface of the snow without sinking. They are easy to use and suitable for all persons. They allow you to enjoy the snow in a different way, with a walk in the middle of the forest, The poles serve for a better balance and technique. Enjoy the snow in a different way.

Accompanied by a guide, the walk of approximately 1 hour, guarantees a safe and direct contact with snow and spectacular landscapes. There are several routes with different requirements according to the level of each person. Ideal to make contact and enjoy a different way of snow and sport.

To consider

  • It is important to wear snow clothes (gloves, hat, waterproof shoes, goggles)
  • Transfer included in downtown radio, up to Km11 on Pioneros and Bustillo. Ask us if you are out of that range.

Photos of the 2019 Season